young software company

  • We are Agile team
  • We always do the best
  • We use Lean and Kanban methodologies in our work
  • ... and yeah, we are perfectionists
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What are we good at?

  • Software development
    Desktop, SaaS and Mobile Apps

  • Bot
    Intelligence software

  • UI\UX design
    Interfaces and graphics

  • Consulting and Business Analysis
    Agile Project Management

  • Web Site and SEO
    CMS and module development

What We Do

We’re a company dedicated to creating innovative software. Once a team of two, we are now growing and evolving rapidly.

We do what we do because we're passionate about the future. We think about what's next, not just what's now. Because when we stay ahead of the game we're not just doing it for ourselves only - we're doing it for you.

We use Agile principals in our work. We are implementing Kanban methodology in our working process.

We use Lean Six Sigma as a set of techniques and tools for process improvement.


How we found our moment

As an Agile Team we like Scrum, we use Kanban methodologies while developing and delivering high performing products.

We are aspiring to do our best working closely with our clients to create working software that helps them get the absolute best out of their business.

Our vision is currently being reconsidered but our intention has always been to deliver tools that allow our clients to excel and prosper in whichever field they may be in. We are aiming our software to adapt appropriate functionality based on listening to feedback from our customers.

We get excited about the smallest innovations because we see how it can change the bigger picture, the World.

Latest projects

  • Optima

    Educational projcet. Service based on famous Moodle system. We developed more than just Server infrastructure configuration and Optimization. We added custom modules to improve Speed and Reliability
  • Oosvita

    Security counsulting and problem solving. Development of new intelligent security system based on two-factor authentication.
  • Cleaning bot

    Bot Development for a cleaning company which helps collect clients requirements and significantly reduces waste of time and company expences.

Who are the team behind Soft Umbrella

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Retrospective

Behind every great business must be a great team of passionate and dedicated people. We are young, but passionate and purposeful enough. Our team welcomes Agile-minded and scrum-values oriented developers and engineers.

The whole Team is inspired by Core Agile Values: Working Products, Responding to Change, Customer Collaboration, Individuals and Interactions

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Get in Touch

If you have feedback, questions or support inquiries, please use our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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